Pioneer filtration Limited ( PFL), established in 2018 and manufactures all kinds of automobile filters. Our company, which aims to develop creative and result-oriented solutions with our customer-oriented studies, follows the developments in the market constantly and meets the demands of our customers under one roof with its specialized sales team.

RELIABLE PRODUCT RANGE: We will be with you from the first stage to the final stage of your needs with the wide product range of our most reliable brand, produced at the highest quality. You can rely on our products and services completely. We give 100% guaranteed product. 

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PFL  also focuses on technology and quality in the industrial filters market, where safety is the No.1 concern for all our customers. Our broad product line covers many applications, and we can manufacture industrial filters for any equipment as per your specification. Whether you need a custom-made filter or an OEM product, we have all covered. Contact us today to discuss how we can help with industrial equipment filters.

We covered almost the entire filter market of Bangladesh. We are a proud supplier of BANGLADESH ARMY & BANGLADESH BORDER GUARDS (BGB). Thanks to our customers for believing our products.

PROFILE produces filters for cars, trucks, earth-moving equipment, and generators. The range covers more than 355 different filters, with more than 70 new types added yearly.

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